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Transformational coaching is the foundation of the programs at Magnificent Decisions. Our Signature Programs for living kidney donors, kidney transplant recipients, and people with chronic kidney disease are where we’ve chosen to start. These programs along with our health specific programs have a unique 6-step coaching process that applies leading health experts and physician’s teachings into actionable techniques that can improve chronic health conditions like, type two diabetes, hypertension, and boost weight loss. Our life coaching programs focus around 5 major areas: health, career, relationships/love. money, and spirituality. We believe that people don’t need more information to achieve their life and wellness goals, they need relevant, curated information that pulls them in the direction they most desire.

Our mission and vision are centered around the idea that unconditional support at the right time transforms peoples’ health and their lives.

What we do

We created transformational health coaching programs, delivered one-on-one, that focus on sustainable health-specific lifestyle solutions for people living with chronic disease, an organ transplant, and who are or want to become living donors. These life-changing programs empower and equip individuals to live a healthy lifestyle, moving toward improved health and well-being. We help people shift from what they are currently experiencing, that isn’t working, to experiencing what they desire most in their life.

We aim to increase the number available organs and decrease the wait-time on the wait-list for people who have reached the end-stage of their illness and need an organ transplant. By helping people live healthier lives, we are working toward decreasing the demand for organ transplant. This includes people who have already received a transplant.

We will always work to improve, and advocate to protect, the health and well-being of living donors. We are there to support living donors throughout your donation process and for the years that follow.



How we do it

We are meeting this enormous health challenge through transformational coaching programs and services that help people get results they desire most. We start with the motivation surrounding the why of wanting a change; and we go deep. Need-to is rarely enough motivation to make lasting changes. We provide the right support and accountability every step of the way striving for inevitable success.

  • Leave that heavy lifting to our highly trained and masterfully skilled coaches. They are masters of loosening the grip of what is held to so tightly and keeping you stuck or unable to make the health improvements you want. Co-creating new, relevant habits that last is their specialty. All you need to do is come with an open mind, a willingness to be coached, and do the work necessary for change to occur.

  • We do not diagnose or treat disease, prescribe medication, or perform the functions of clinical occupations. Always consult your doctor. We are happy to work with your physician’s guidance to best support your well-being.

  • No quick fixes, fad diets, militant exercise, or forcing anyone to do anything.

Why we do it

Frankly, change is hard work. It boils down to wanting to want what you desire. People find it challenging to identify and speak about what they really want. When love, safety, and belonging are challenged, fear, frustration, and overwhelm can take hold.

Change is hard. We help in a way that makes doing the hard things easier, and doing the easy things (way) harder.

Most people know what to do: eat a healthy diet that supplies your body with what it needs, exercise, get quality sleep, decrease stress, etc. The hard part is figuring out how to do it in a way that fits their lives and make lasting changes that improve their health.

The enormity of our public health issues and the human lives at stake require innovation and the unequivocal resolve to pivot when necessary. A possible downside in the effort to provide broad education, is that teaching for learning isn’t synonymous with educating someone; that is, the art of teaching that includes checking for understanding and the guidance required for assimilation and integration of information into daily lives, gets lost. Coaching balances this bringing harmony to the task at hand.

Beth and Alan Lake with Senator Sherrod Brown April 2019

Beth and Alan Lake with Senator Sherrod Brown April 2019