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Our LKD health and wellness programs help people who desire to become a living kidney donor, and those who have already donated. We support their current and desired health needs like weight loss and stress management as well as their future health and well-being. By helping in this way, we hope to be able to increase the rate of approval of living donation. Additionally, our programs provide the support needed while going through the donation process and helps to set donors up with a health focused lifestyle for years to come.

Our life coaching programs for living donors include the areas of spirituality, career, relationships, and money. We provide a unique experience of personal support every step of the way during the process. We believe our coaches and programs are a missing link of the necessary ongoing support. Donors are supported with their challenges and triumphs for all the years that follow donation.

If you are a hopeful donor and were told to lose weight, we can help you do that in a healthy way that your body will love you for. We have a first of its kind, Health & Life Coaching for Living Kidney Donors Program that supports donors in a way they can’t even imagine possible. We have your back.

  • One-to-one weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions via phone, Skype, or zoom conferencing with a master level coach from Magnificent Decisions.

  • Access and use of our app when appropriate.

  • Individualized, curated experiential exercises, tools, tips, and actionable techniques that lead to integration.

  • Ongoing support from coach between sessions and accountability.

  • Health specific programs available w.

  • Programs can be repeated, lengthened, and individualized.